1. Fixed Deposits Ordinary Scheme

  • Fixed Deposits Ordinary Scheme :
    Prime Bank provides  a simple yet benificial Fixed Deposit Ordinary Scheme At Very Competitive Interest Rates.



2. MIP Schemes

  • Monthly Income Scheme (MIP - Discounted Rate) :

    In this scheme Interest is paid on monthly basis. Ideal scheme for pensioner / retired / senior citizen. Interest is being credited to depositor's A/c even with other bank.



3. Fixed Deposit Reinvestment / double schemes

  • Fixed Deposit Reinvestment / double schemes :
    In this scheme interest is re-invested & compounded on quarterly basis.



4. Short Term Auto Deposit Schemes

  • Short Term Schemes
    Earn Interest on Ideal money by depositing in this scheme for Short duration i.e. 91 Days.


5. Deposit From Senior Citizen

  • 0.50% extra intrest to all senior citizens