Initial Amount To Open Savings Account :

  • Rs.1000


Rate of interest :


Benefits :

  • Passbook Facility
  • Any Branch Banking
  • ATM facility
  • RTGS/ NEFT Facility
  • E-Statement facility
  • Free Cheque Book Facility
  • Standing Instructions
  • Insurance Cover (for more details contact branch manager)
  • Missed Call Service
  • WhastApp Banking Service


General Rules :

  • Bank reserves the right to close any account, if cheque drawn are  returned unpaid frequently for want of funds or the account is considered as  Irregular / non-satisfactory.
  • Account not operation for more than two years will be treated as inoperative / dormant account.
  • Bank reserves the right to alter, amend and rescind the rules from time to time.
  • If account is not operated more than 10yrs it will be transferred to RBI