Other charges (G.S.T Extra)


Period Revised (all charges are inclusive of Service Tax)
W.e.f. 01-05-2017
Other Charges  
Addition  Of name /Change in Operational Instruction

Rs. 75.00 per Request

Signature Attestation  Rs. 100.00
Operation of A/c By PA Holder Or Manager To be Change after Open the Account  Rs. 100/- At the time of Request or Any Alteration
Solvency Certificate  0.25% Minimum Rs. 50.00
Account Close within One Year  NIL
Enquiry of the entry beyond one year  Rs. 50.00 per request
Signature Attestation  Rs. 100.00
Bank Guarantee Commission  1% p.a.; Minimum Rs.100/-

Locker Operating Charges

Rs. 50.00 Per Visit after 12 Visit During the Year 

SMS Charges

Rs.60/- Per Year

Commitment Charges

In CC/OD account average utilization of limit less than 60% Quarterly basis commitment charges 0.25 to limit amount.